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Pulling Teeth

My account for music videos got suspended. ;_; I have another account, but it's just for favourites so far. I could set them up again, but it's been so long since I made a really popular one and getting footage is such a hassle.

Hopefully getting an apartment soon. But in an application a while ago. I'm going to have to leave my student job and get a real job soon...I know I have a degree now, but what if no one wants meeeeee? Living away from home doesn't bother me, but earning the money to stay at the apartment does...but the landlady seemed nice, maybe she'll go easy on me...

Got my wisdom teeth out last Wednesday. My lower left side aches still, but it was the one where the tooth was coming in sideways and the swelling is gone. While I was recovering I reread Clash of Kings, Storm of Swords and am now halfway through my reread of Feast For Crows. Things are a lot clearer this time around...though it doesn't help that I originally read them by reading the chapters with my favorite POVs first.

I also finished SMT: Strange Journey, and overall, I have to say it was a great game! My Alice turned out to be a beast! I'm rearing for more Shin Megami Tensei! But these long, plotty instances in the beginning are slowing my New Game+ play...I just want to mow over monsters with my awesome, hand-fused team, game! ...I also don't want TWEWY to end...I'm on the last day now and am just wasting time getting time experience for pins to sell for money...because after buying and eating the loot drop chance increasing mushrooms, I am damn poor.

I got an idea for a Character Tournament; isn't that just stupid? ...Actually not so much...I used to think drawing tournies were rare and something that famous artists like Endling got into, but snooping around I found they're kind of a dime a dozen. And if something like Chronos Incursio can get a ton of contestants, then maybe...

Sooooo, someone I know rl posted about a comedic instance in my life where I could've been missing but was instead sleeping in my room...expect she was complaining about the inconvience and annoyance it caused. She knows my mother lost my father and she was just worried! How can you do this, childhood rl friend?! Thinking of demoting her to childhood rl aquaintance...

I saw on a fandom secret that fandom moved to tumblr. Is that where everyone is now? My little sister got one, I think I should get one, too... At least we still got ONTD and retro ads.
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One Stroke, Vast Wealth

JOSHUAAAAAAAAAAA and Neku was starting to warm up and be all humanist and crap.

Anyway, new partner. It's Beat. AND I LOVE HIM. The most adorable white guy who talks like a black gangster ever. For Shiki and Josh, it took a while for me to warm up to them, but for Beat it only took a couple of lines and one battle.

Shit. Tin Pin Shooter is getting hard.

I... don't have HBO so I can't watch ASOIAF: Game on Thrones on TV, but people are loving it, and that makes me so happy! I just love love love the books, and I'm glad people are enjoying the story. Critics are giving rave reviews and viewership is increasing every viewing; I hope it becomes huge. I don't know if the fandom sprung back up...I hope it is...anyway, I'll be getting the DVD for sure!

Jaime~ Lanisterrrrr~

And I finished my icons post! Prepare your flist!


|124 Icons

{13-AIR (VN, TV, Movie)
{20-Pokemon Black and White
{36-Pokemon Special
{19-The World Ends With You
{11-The iDOLM@STER
{13-Megaman Zero


IS YOUR FACE PREPARED? @ avrophantasm

uber moe!

Eyes Full of Light

You know what, skeevy kid Joshua isn't all that bad. Actually, I really fond of him, in spite of his arrogant posturing, secretiveness and Neku trolling. Yeah. I've decided he's an ok dude. Especially when he got that attack upgrade and can now attack using beams made of 100% concentrated angels. But I know his favourite brand is Pegaso...and that brand is crazy expensive. But I feel bad about walking into Pegaso trendy areas with nothing to equip so I'll grind a bit to get something for him...

I can see why the internet likes Sho Minamoto. The senerio with the loudspeaker was crazy hilarious. Zetta sexy indeed.

My only complaint I guess that it takes a while for the game to reveal all its systems and open up the main area.

Aaaaanyway, returned to Pokemon Diamond like the neglectful trainer I am. Adventure is going smoothly and briskly. The pokemon in Sinnoh are still pretty lame, but there's always a lot of fun stuff to do. Most of my pokemon are at their final evolution stage but I'm only at the 5th gym. Is this unusual? And I caught a Croagunk on my first Safari Zone trip~...but I already have a Heracross, what do I dooooo?

I've taken to brewing myself a cup of afternoon tea when I'm able. These lemon poppyseed cookies I got are so good... I got myself some Earl Grey, Chai tea and Vanilla Rooibos. The rooibos is a little strong for me; I can only take it iced. :P
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With a passion for fashion!

Nothing like going on a drive on a nice day, exploring, and ending the trip with ice cream! The weather is so nice! Here's to more adventures!

Lauren Faust leaving MLP is madness. But I think the MLP crew still has the writer of Green isn't Your Colour and other awesome episodes in their midst, so I remain hopeful.

Playing The World Ends With You, as well. I'd call it hip and trendy, street art inspired Earthbound. There are SYSTEMS EVERYWHERE OH GOD. And I love them all. There's a eating food for stat boosts system, fashion trend for in-battle buffs system, a customizable, touch screen based fighting system for your main chara, Neku and a touchpad one for your partner, Shiki. I am sooo obsessed with evolving and colecting pins, my god. It's like pokemon with non-aware, small, metal disks with slick images on them.

First, I was worried that Shiki might be another Kairi, (as in kinda dull with little screentime) but she's actually extremely likable. Getting to see her flaws, and her hopes and dreams helped endear her to me. And the script is freakin' hilarious. Neku is such a little snark bucket. But Shiki had to leave and was replaced by this skeevy kid. And the frog enemies were replaced with crabs, which are harder to fight. They keep throwing us...:(

You know, I never got what was the deal with SMT's Alice until I fused and raised one for myself. I thought she was just a loli character that everyone liked but now I'm raising one, her magic stat is through the roof. She can easily take on demons ten levels higher than her. She is so great. :3 Hail Alice!

Angels and Demons

Watched Rebuild of Eva 2.2 recently. I gotta say, the back quotes don't lie, it is visually stunning. Eva's got amazing, viscreal fight scenes as always. The Angels are even more crazy mindfucky than they were the first time around and I love it.

All the original scenes made for the movie are fantastic and would've been right at home in the original tv series. But the remakes of scenes from the TV show didn't really stack up to the original; there was too much exposition or elaboration on feelings, when the original expressed things with subtly through body language and the actions of the characters.

That being said, Rebuild is still pretty much just a treat for fans. Thankfully Eva's got a lot of fans.

My pokemon playing pretty much ground to a halt because I can't get into the Dream World. Instead, I've been playing Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. Shin Megami is one of those series that has a lot of small flaws or inconviences going against it, but if it's right up your alley, you will get crazy hooked.

Things I like:
-Love fusing and talking to demons. I like things with a strong occult or mythological flavour and the number of demons you can fuse or recruit has this in spades. Lots of customization here; there are endless ways to fuse a demon and the moveset will be different just about every single time. And conversing with demons can yeild some funny responses and can help you get away from battles scott free.
-Love the fiends. Monsters based off of Revalations are win.
-Love the MC. He is so manly~. A breath of fresh air compared to all the teens we usually get.
-Like Zelenin. I think she's something called a Law Hero? Anyway, I feel really sorry for what happened to her and she seems like a solid person.
-Like the Music. Can't get enough of the main battle and boss battle themes when they get going.
-Cool environments. Only Bootes outside the castle makes me want to flip tables, but the other levels are interesting. An icy cave that turns to a burning city getting bombed? A demonic shopping mall? A decadent palace of torture? Cool beans.
-LOVE, LOVE JIMENEZ. I thought he was kinda a jerk when you first talk to him, but the scene in Bootes where he got Bugaboo won me over. And he seems to take a liking to the MC eventually. Jimenez is just so bro~.

Back to dungeon crawling!

Also, these people make Westeros foods!

Sounds absolutely delish!
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This is it, the low of lows~

Posted new music video~. To Shiver by the Bithday Massacre for Madoka Magica. Spoiler warning~, no last episode stuff though. Even though she had the least screen time, Mami is still my favourite. And in spite of her late series bitchiness, I also liked Sayaka.

Soooo, lurkin' on Neogaf I found that Seth McFarlane is going to do a Flintstones remake. I'm looking forward to the John K. meltdown. Not that Flintstones has ever been that great. Or John K. Seeing his Flinstones fanart and his Jetson's pilot make me want to weep for my childhood and humanity in general.

Speaking of things that would make John K. rage, the new Loony Tunes remake sure is lame. Jokes are ok, and the character design is pretty good but the timing is all off and there's just no energy. I approve of how they redid Lola, but other than that, the whole thing is just meh. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic remains the cartoon of the generation.

Surprisingly, liking what I've heard of Born This Way. I've always felt Lady GaGa was a bit lyrically weak, but this is some solid pop. I might have to actually go out and buy this...
Persona 4

Bad Things Happening

Bad things are happening in Japan! Donate 5-10 bucks from your cellphone! C'mon, do it! I did! I think it's kinda funny my mother thinks me being charitable is stupid because I only work part-time and I'm a student. She won't even give anything; she's just focused on accumulating money for the household. I'm more christian than she is, and I'm an atheist. :P

Dance with Dragons has a release date! I'm ready for more GRRM goodness! The best fantasy writer in the business, bar none. And the Live Action Game of Thrones adaptation will be airing soon. Jaime is gorgeous~.


^Text is a link to a heartwarming story. I bought a Rainbow Dash too, recently. Combing her hair is really therapeutic. I think I'll snap a picture of how I've done her hair.

And so...

Puella Magi Madoka Magica episode 3.


Everyone loves Mami. Why!?

This World...

Between Haiti and Austrailia and now Japan, I feel like the world's going through one disaster after another. One thing I can be happy about is the African countries overthrowing their corrupt dictators one by one.

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Princess Agitha

School sucks...but PONIES and magical girls!

So...worst two weeks ever. Who thinks it's a good idea to put a midterm on a Saturday? I worked the rest of the day, too...and the next day. Then a big assignment was due. Next week, the midterms cometh again...provided the TA's union doesn't go on strike. I can use a 2 or 3 day break, but if the strike goes on for more than a week, my education is screwed...:(

It only took a couple of episodes, but now, I've went from a fan to a full blown brony. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IS. SO. AWESOME! Gotta say it again, smart, funny, with great characters. I can't think of a character among the main group I don't like. Timing and pacing are impeccable. I know TV shows for franchises like this the shows are just advertisements for toys, but FiM is so well done...and it seems to have done its job. I have an insatiable desire for pony merch. Well played, Hasbro. Well played.



I heard a lot of good things about Puella Magi Madoka Magica, so I picked it up. It's by SHAFT, so the artstyle is interesting to say the least. And iz dat sum Yuki Kajiura I hear?! I love her work. And the ending by Kalafina is excellent...if slightly creepy. And the director or something is apparently the twisted mind behind Saya no Uta, so I'm expecting things to get creepy. Madoka is a little wibbly, but I love Mami. Refined, mentor magical girls with muskets FTW!

OH GOD WHAT IS THIS WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!? This is an enemy, holy fuuuuuuuu